Who are we?

We gather together each Sunday in order to worship our God and Saviour. Our name indicates that we belong to the Free Church of Scotland, a denomination that has over 100 congregations throughout Scotland. Further details about the Free Church of Scotland can be accessed here. Usually on Sunday mornings, about 150 people of all ages, including children, worship together. The number is about 100 on Sunday evenings.

What we believe?

We accept that God has spoken in the Bible and provided us with information about himself and his good plans for the human race. The Bible also contains instructions for daily living and promises of God’s help in a wide variety of situations.

Whom do we worship?

Our worship is based on the Bible, which describes who God is. In the Bible, we are told that God is a Trinity and the name of God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This sounds complicated and unusual, yet we have discovered that once we start living by the Bible it all makes sense. This discovery is made by all Christians, wherever and whenever they lived. Thinking about God in this way creates a sense of wonder in our hearts.

What is our message for you?

Our message is summed up in the gospel, a word that means good news. In that message, we say that you should think seriously about the story of Jesus because it is a story that describes how you, with us, can experience salvation. The salvation we all need is connected to the fact that we all have thought, said and done things that are wrong. Jesus has revealed that he will judge us according to how we have lived, but in the gospel he gives the assurance that we can be forgiven if we respond to him in repentance and trust. Trust means to depend on him and repentance means to confess our sins to God and express regret for them.

Speaking to us

You can contact us through the email addresses on the Contact page. We would be delighted to answer any questions you have about Jesus. If you would like to receive literature giving further information about the gospel, you can request it through the Contact page.

What do we do in our services?

In each of our Sunday services, the following takes place. We sing together three or four items of praise to God, we read a chapter from the Bible, the pastor prays for God’s blessing, we have a short address for the children present, and the pastor preaches a sermon from a passage of the Bible. You may not have heard a sermon before, but it is an address that lasts for thirty to forty minutes in which he explains what the passage means and helps us apply it to ourselves.


Our hero is Jesus. While we appreciate many of the actions that Christians have done throughout the years, we join them and say that all of those activities were done by them because Jesus was their hero as well. Why is he our hero? Because he did for us what no-one else did. Although he always existed, he became a man and was born at Bethlehem. Then he lived a perfect life before going to the cross of Calvary outside Jerusalem and there endured God’s wrath against our sins. Three days later, he rose from the dead and a few weeks afterwards he ascended to heaven and now possesses all authority everywhere. In the future, he will return as the Judge of everyone. We realise that is a lot of information to take in. The full story of Jesus is told in the Bible and we would be glad to help you understand the details.